Twitter User Typology and User Evolution Pattern as media


Boram Park and Yong-tae Hwang


Twitter is a new social networking service and its use has spread to depths around the world. One of the traits of Twitter is the way of making an asymmetrical relationship. We assumed that the asymmetric relationships between Twitter users segment into different classes. A computer data using Twitter API was launched. We crawled the information of 18,226 users who produced 9,504,611 tweets and described the typology of Twitter users as Monologist, Subscriber, Communicator, Celebrity, and Media. Also, we observed Twitter users who obtained a mass media-like tendency as its users evolve. The media-like tendency surfaces when users have used Twitter for a longer period and when users have a higher value of Twitter User Typology Parameter (TP). We expect that Twitter is a new tendency that communicates the way of one-to-many and many-to-many simultaneously compared to traditional mass media. It is defined as new appearance of massification of SNSs.


  • Social Networking Sites
  • Communication studies
  • Social Media
  • Mainstream Media

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