Social Network Inspector: A Platform for Data-driven Research of Social Network Services


Yong-tae Hwang


The development of the Social Network Services was induced by the era of 'Web 2.0' and increasing use of the mobile devices. Enormous data is being created and researchers are paying attention to them. These data can be accessed by Application Programming Interface (API) which is publicly opened by service providers. Most of data-driven research requires program called 'crawler' due to large amount of data.

Researches on SNS require interdisciplinary approach which typically requires more people than single subject research. However, there are many cases which require achievement by smaller group of members in early stage of the study. Also, they most likely rely on manual data collecting, it may cause unwanted errors.

In this paper, data collecting and analysis platform for researching Social Network Services has proposed. First, previous studies were reviewed on "types of data", and "collecting methods". Next, API actions and data types provided by services were strategically modeled. Also, problems and solutions which could be occurred while conducting SNS researches were addressed.

Based on the proceeding research, extensible and easy-to-use data crawling platform was made. By using this platform, common procedure for SNS researches can be simplified, and most of prior mentioned problems were resolved. Finally, several case study for real-world research tasks, performance test and data validation were achieved.


Figure: Application Main User Interface


  • Social Network Services (SNS)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Crawler
  • Platform

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